Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Night Run Ninja

Ah yes, tis the season to run in the dark. Typically I try to avoid running when I can't see shit in front of me, or behind me, or next to scares me, it's an accident waiting to happen and quite frankly, I don't like being cold.

Last night, I had NO motivation to run but knew I had to get a run in since I have been slacking and not run since Sunday. I waited until Wade got home, laced up and pouted my way down the road.

I recently scored two "butt lights" at Sports Authority for $4.00 total (thank you $10 coupon) so we strapped those puppies on and off we went....illuminating my ass always me feel super safe, if a car can't see that coming from a mile away, they have other issues, like needing glasses or something.

I never really thought about the importance of using lights or reflectors when running until we spent about 30 minutes at the LV Ragnar being briefed on safety and how cars see runners with and without lights. Nerdy? Yes. Smart? Double yes.

Yay for safety! (nerds)

We busted out 5.25 miles at about an 8:20/pace...working hard the last mile or so when Speedy Gonzalez decided I needed to run a 7:50/pace to keep up with him. Humpfhhhh. BUT, I needed that kick in the pants to get back into the groove. Mind cleared, lungs burning, legs feelin fresh and loose.

More super exciting stuff...I got another new pair of shoes in the mail yesterday. Merry Christmas to me! I was re-assessed for new shoes earlier this month and really like the new shoe and they were recently  discontinued so I ordered another pair before they went away, and got a super duper deal on em. POW!

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