Friday, December 23, 2011

T Minus 2

Yesterday was spent at The Biltmore, freelancing for MAC. I love being there. The customers have been wonderful and friendly this year, my girls are an absolute joy to be around. We laugh, talk and gossip, sing loudly and dance throughout the store...customers inside the store or not. Oh, and my love and obsession for makeup makes me giddy like a school girl when surrounded by tons of it!

However...I am happy to be far far away from the mall...I think the last 2 shopping days are when the crazies come out. People get panicked. Grumpy. Mean. Aggressive. No thanks.

My gifts are all wrapped and under the tree, our calendar is full of family and friends, a special date night and a long Christmas Day bike is all about cleaning, last minute grocery shopping, hitting the gym and starting out my Holiday weekend.

My blog might take a little neglect in the next few days while I stuff my face with food, drinks and dessert.

Hells yes.

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