Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tis The Season... be sick!

I couldn't avoid the inevitable, the Husband passed along his germs to me and I've been laid up being a blob of lameness. All the hand washing, vitamin C popping, sanitizer spraying clearly didn't help me here... I really really hate being sick. I have a hard time just laying around feeling like crapola. I have things to do people!

Lookjn Sexy

Fortunately, we are up at the cabin, and the cold weather and lack of "typical life" has forced me to slow down and just be sick. I'll fill ya in on what my exciting weekend consisted of soon.

On another note...I'm thinking my 30k is out (not feeling it and have ran a total of 9 frickin miles this week), but that's OK. Maybe I'll bump down to the 5k and just go have fun and support my club.

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