Monday, January 9, 2012

7W2R - Week 1

My first official recap at my attempt for getting RIPPED. (insert hulk noise & stop laughing at me)

The plan calls for 3x/week workouts, which I figured would be fairly easy to achieve, and it that I have my ass back into gear....or I will this week anyway.

I was thrown a bit off "ma game" when I was given the opportunity to run RnRAZ just last I switched up my schedule a little bit last week in an attempt to get a few more miles in.

7W2R =   Fast. Effective.

I completed my first workout on Monday, struggling through the pull up section and kicking ass at the rest. Each day calls for 10-15 minutes of cardio/games to follow the basic plan, I skipped it knowing that I get enough cardio with my weekly runs...I walked my dogs instead.

Tuesday, Wednesday and hurt to put deodorant on (don't worry I pained through it) so I didn't end up doing my Wednesday workout until Thursday. FAIL. I only did 2 of 3 workouts. That's ok, better than nothing.

The workout is simple. 4 exercises, 3 sets. They exercises vary each set, but focus on the same muscle group so it's a breeze to get through.


5 chin-ups
10 squats (I added weight)
10 push-ups
10 v-sits

I was a little reluctant after the first day only  because it seemed so short..I thought I couldn't get a burn that quick. I guess it showed me who was boss.

This was my week:

Monday: 7W2R
Tuesday: 5.25 mile run
Wednesday: 4 mile run
Thursday: 40 min intervals/5 min CD on trainer + 7W2R
Friday: 7 miles
Saturday: Rest (aka hangover, whoops)
Sunday: 10 mile run + 3 mile beach cruiser ride

Total Miles: 26.25
Total Trainer Time: 45 minutes
Total Days of Strength: 2

I'm fairly pleased with my miles, my biking and I'm just slightly off goal for strength, one more day.

I just finished another workout, hopefully I'm not hurting tomorrow! 

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