Wednesday, January 18, 2012

7W2R - Week 2

Well...I had a repeat of last week. BUT I have a valid "excuse". I swear.

I got 2 out of 3 done. I would have done one on Friday as planned, but honestly I ran out of time. And I didn't want to be sore for my half on Sunday.

Valid? Yes. Honest? Yes. Stupid? Yes. Good Excuse? No.

So nothing exciting to report. I need to try harder, eat better and run more. I need to follow my running plan as I have in the past and not just "wing it". The side of my fridge is bare and naked, and filling that space with a good solid plan should help me on my day to day motivation level.

This was my week:

Monday: 3.25 mile hike + 7W2R
Tuesday: 4 mile run (weak, should have been 6)
Wednesday: 30 min intervals/5 min CD on trainer + 7W2R
Thursday: 5.75 mile run (good strong run)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest (walked a lot at Tough Mudder)
Sunday: 13.1

Total Miles: 22.85
Total Walking/Hiking: 8+
Total Trainer Time: 35 minutes
Total Days of Strength: 2
Little less mileage than the week before and 10 min less on the trainer. I need to step it up this week.

Next race: 1.28.11 - half mary. First half, uphill, last half, down. Hmm....

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