Thursday, January 19, 2012

108 days...

Yes, 108 days until I run my first FULL marathon.

I just clicked the "register" button on my computer and registered. Well I actually pressed click 8 days ago, but it's taken me this long to gather the courage to tell you.

I was waiting for my husband to get on board because honestly, I need his support. I need him to get up with me on weekends and run 17, 18 and 20 miles with me. I need him to have a crazy strict schedule to fit all these miles in. I need him to whine with me about blisters, hydration and chafing. I need him to talk me down when I start freaking out. I want him to accomplish this goal WITH me.

And I certainly need HIM to hold my hand as I walk to the start line on May 6th, 2012 in Newport Beach, California...home of the OC Marathon. 

I know I could do it alone, but how amazing will it be to share this experience together?

The thought of a start line with a finish line 26.2 loooong miles after makes me feel a lot of things, lots of mixed emotions...mainly nauseous, terrified and full of anxiety. But a little bit of excitement, challenge and finally "joining the club" that so many people are part of.

My main goals are:

1. Finish, injury free.
2. Not shit my pants.  (more worried about that one)

I have told a few people that I registered...including my best friend who recently finished hers...watching her train, race and finish with a smile on her face made me feel 110% on board with this decision. I know it will be hard, but I'm up for the challenge. I know she will be one person that can talk me down when I freak out.

Soooooo, why the OC Marathon?

1. Weather.

I needed one far enough out for proper training, as Arizona does not have any fulls after March/April due to weather.

2. Location.

California was my natural choice for various reasons; weather, ease of travel, and the option to stay a few days after for "recovery" aka beer drinking and being lazy and awesome. And this is part of the course...hellllllo.

3. Date.

Why May? 5 months out...I didn't want to wait until Fall.

4. Course.

Not as flat as AZ, but flat enough so I won't die.

5. Size of Race.

Including all races (5k and half marathon) about 12,500. Large enough for crowd support, a decent expo and for me to get lost in the crowd so people won' even notice me dying at mile 22 and point and laugh.

Official training starts soon...POW!

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  1. Hooooooooorrrayyyyyyyy!!!! You are gonna ROCK it!!