Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I am officially old. Yup.

Initially we had planned to celebrate in Phoenix, with friends at a swanky bar....complete with a live band led by a friend of mine. I wanted to wear a sparkly dress, heels and dine out.

That all changed when the seed of snowboarding was planted in my head by my nature loving Hubby. Suddenly fresh snow, campfires and PJ's for NYE sounded a whole lot better.....and it was.

My dreams of being a Snow Bunny were brought to a screeching halt as soon as we arrived at the Mountain. It was a clusterf*ck of people, muddy parking lots, staff that didn't know anything, and yup...they ran out of boots at the rental shop. We were shuttled over to the other side of the Mountain where I received boots and the LAST snowboard and then shuttled back in time to catch the 2nd lesson of the day.

The lesson was a good attempt, the instructor (Ruben) was patient and sweet, but because of it being SO crowded, we didn't accomplish much more than starting and stopping every 5 feet to avoid a random body on the hill. I did however, accomplish falling 4,862,782 times and waking up sooooo sore the next day. Thank goodness (not really) I was a complete lazy ass and didn't exercise all weekend.

 We headed back to the cabin a little early to beat the crowds....cooked steaks, salad and bread.....I drank Champagne (OK, sparkling wine) and Wade had a few beers and we rang in 2012 with Ryan "Tiny" Seacrest. Annnnnnd I fell asleep at 12:05.

The rest of the weekend entailed dog walking, football watching, beer drinking, chili making, UNO playing goodness. 

It was low key, fun and perfect.

BUT....Lesson learned....don't try new things on Holiday Weekends!

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