Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Be Patient

I ran yesterday. It wasn't epic or anything. But I ran.

I had 5 on my schedule and I planned on running 5 unless I felt pain. I was actually excited to run...the weather was gorgeous, I was excited to get a few miles in and I was excited to start being consistent with my weekly mileage and of course, running pain free. I started out with a slow pace (I think, I was running garminless) and was running with a huge smile on my face when I realized I was feelin good.

I was secretly fist pumping in my head.

And then I hit about 1.75 miles and I got a dull pain in the same spot I had last Saturday...I brushed it off and then had a little pep talk with myself:

Bad Me: It's fine, just shake it off
Good Me: Turn around, danger

This went back and forth for a few seconds. Good Me won. I kicked it in reverse and headed home. I walked a couple times and worked on running really slow. It wasn't an awesome run, but it was something...and learning to take things slow is something I am learning in this "sport" of running. It's supposed to be fun, not painful.

I'll try again today.

On another official race time from Saturday was 1:53:45 - average pace being 8:41.

4 seconds slower than my official PR, which is nuts considering this course was much tougher, uphill and I was hurting. One reason running with a watch kinda sucks.....however it is a confidence booster - I CAN be faster and I WILL be faster ;)

P.S. Wade and I went to dinner with a good friend last night...Mexican food. It was delish but man I felt like I had a salty taste in my mouth when I woke up. Blech!

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