Thursday, February 2, 2012

Home Gym

After a 2.5 year relationship with my lovely gym, I have broken up with him. My visits had become sporadic, the dues were very high and quite frankly, dealing with all the people that were there was just downright annoying. I personally have never been a social butterfly while exercising...a smile or a wave is fine...but creepy stares and attempts at conversations get really old. Really fast. Oh and the family that drenched themselves in cologne/perfume before every workout...I could smell them as they entered downstairs as I was upstairs. Nauseating.

So that's that.

Before I starting running, they gym was perfect for me. I could go and get some weight training done, hop on a cardio machine, stretch or do some yoga all while under the same roof. And I'm not saying I'll never belong to a gym again...but right now, it's not working for me.

Running and training for half marathons takes a lot of time so my gym visits had been lacking in lieu of running. I'm OK with that. Being outside vs. in a cramped gym, yes please!

So I accepted my change, cancelled my membership and purchased a couple new small pieces of equipment to satisfying my need to lift weights and strength train. Body weight and plyo is all the rage right now, so why not jump on the wagon?

Cross-training has translated into my road bike + trainer = killer workout, no impact. I've even switched things up by putting it outside on my back patio, listening to music, using the gymboss for intervals, watching a cycling video and even a Lifetime movie.....sweet!

Don't worry, that's not my house.

I have been more consistent with getting in small but effective workouts at home. It's easy...I run and then bust it all at the same getting in my car to go to the gym. I've been searching the net for a few fun, fast and intense workouts using the bare minimum for equipment.

Ab the comfort of my living room.

I borrowed this workout from Julie over at PB Fingers and it's awesome, sweaty and effective.

My attempt at 7W2R is not done...I'm going to skip over the first few weeks and move to the advanced workouts....the first few weeks were too basic for me, too quick and too boring (sorry Brett).

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