Friday, February 3, 2012

A Random Post

1. I got my hair did yesterday. And went to a work Happy Hour afterwards where I got a lot of compliments. Guess I should brush and/or wash my hair more often cause I didn't think it was anything too special/noticeable. Guess I need to lay off the ponytails at the office. Hmm.

2. I'm 29 years old, yet still get zits on my face like a teenager. WTF.

3. I started my day out with a 6+ mile hike with my hiking buddy Lynn, Wade and my furry BFF. Longest she (the dog that is) has ever been. Champion. Oh and get your dirty grill OFF my pillow. Rude.

4. Spring has arrived in my's been BEAUTIFUL out this week. I have ran in shorts and tanks/t-shirts everyday and was even slightly warm. And then I drove up North late afternoon today and saw this...

5. I booked Wadester and I a week at this little gem today...Marathon training doesn't look so bad now that I know this is my reward. Countdown is ON.

...Off to be classy and drink some beer. ;)

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