Monday, February 6, 2012

Another One Bites The Dust...

Another weekend flew by...why does it feel like it's ALWAYS Monday? Granted, with my job...they all tend to blend together, but a weekend at the cabin always makes it feel like a real weekend.

I won't bore you with Superbowl details because despite being invited to 3 different parties (we pay to have friends or they just feel bad for us) we choose to stay at home in our sweats and compression socks.


Weekend involved this...

All coolness and fashion goes straight out the door up North. And makeup. Wade's super lucky I shower and brush my teeth when up there. So hot. 

3 movies...Sideways (oldie but a goodie), Friends with Benefits (love me some JT and Mila), and Contagion (Holy Shit that's creepy).

We had a 10 miler planned for Saturday, but it was SO cold and we were SO unprepared so we decided to do it Sunday at home (in warm weather) and instead got our hearts pumping with a little sweat sesh on the front patio and long dirt (aka soft) driveway. It was fun and refreshing AND made me feel less guilty for eating a large sum of cookies over the weekend. On the plus side, we ate healthy home cookin the whole weekend...

We had a great time, just relaxing and being nature loving nerds. We stopped at "our spot" along the creek on the way home for a picnic lunch to break up the drive and enjoy the weather.

I was a little weary of this 10 mile run...after last weekend and a week of extremely tender IT band/leg issues. But I really wanted to try it out and promised myself to take it slow and cut it short if needed.

It was on the slow side. It was pretty warm. And I almost cut it short at mile 7 when I felt a twinge in my leg...but I pushed through and was really happy I did.

And remember that whole home cookin and healthy comment above...hmmm yeah. We ordered pizza and wings for Superbowl. And it was deeeelish!

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