Saturday, February 18, 2012

Double Down leg pain is's dull and minor, but still frustrating. I think I got a little overzealous when it disappeared so quickly and in an attempt to get my ass in gear for Ragnar, I pushed a little too hard. 

Operation Don't Die in The Streets of Phoenix:
Monday - 30 minute bike intervals + abs
Tuesday - 6 mile run
Wednesday - 3 mile run/2 mile run
Thursday - 35 min bike intervals + arms/abs
Friday - 5.5 HILLY miles
Saturday - 8.5 mile run
Sunday - Active Rest, hike

Total Miles - 25

I was hoping to squeeze in two days of double runs with Friday and Saturday being 17 total miles over a span of 24 hours. Mimicking the shit show that's about the happen in less than a week makes me feel a little better. BUT, I don't want to be a moron and irritate the leg anymore....soooo I'm gonna scratch run numero dos tonight and deal with it.

Pure delirium, sore legs and of course, 6 smelly people in one van is something only really mental people do on purpose. I guess I'm mental. Even worse, my van is man heavy with 2 women and 4 men. Hold me.

I'm working today, so cramming my double runs in would have kinda sucked, at least I was mentally prepared for it. Tonight, I'm going to murder some Bryan's BBQ with the Wadester and drown out the sorrow of missing a run. Totally kidding. I like to enjoy my unhealthy and beer laden dinners out, so I chose to do it this way and have ALL day tomorrow to jack shit. (God, I hope I don't have to work for even one second)

Tomorrow will be an "active rest" day so I'm going to take Wade and my pup (sorry Lowell) on a is amazeballs right now.

Enjoy your weekends my darlings.


  1. Boo! Leg pain is no fun. I feel you there. Hope you feel 100% soon. As for Ragnar, it is definitely smelly, but definitely worth it!

  2. Feel better girl! You're gonna rock Ragnar!!