Thursday, February 9, 2012


Now that I have my grubby little paws on this guy...I am 110% over mourning the loss of my beloved Forerunner 305.

I went with the "older" model (versus the new 410) because I got a super duper deal on it, it does all the same things my previous 305 did, and it's SO much cuter and smaller than the old clock I used to wear around my wrist. Granted, I loved that clock, but I figured since I was buying a new one, I might as well go for it. I debated getting the light green, but settled on the black cuz I'm practical like that. It wirelessly syncs and does a bunch of other shit I haven't figured out yet.

She's charging and then I'm going to go test it out...nothing like a new toy to put a little excitement into a run!


  1. Jeaaaallllooouusss!!! And it comes in GREEN?!?! I'm staring at my 305 with resentment that it is big and not green.

  2. It was an accidental upgrade, I lost my 305 so I had no choice! Butttt, I'm not sad about it!