Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pep Talk

OK, so after my glorious post yesterday and being happy and excited (insert unicorns and sparkles) about my training, I went for a run....and it all came crashing down...

I waited for Wade to get home from work so we could go together, we started out laughing and talking...getting into the groove and then honestly, I don't know what happened.

My IT band started hurting me, I felt naked without my Garmin, I felt fat and turtle like, my stomach was gurgling (please don't poop my pants was racing through my mind for approximately 2.76 miles) and I literally felt like a dark cloud was hovering over my head. I walked 3 times and the last mile was painful.

When we hit our 6.25 miles we started walking. Tears formed in my eyes. I don't know what my deal was...I'm not a crier, I don't get discouraged easily and I certainly don't act all crazy for nothing when life hands me lemons. I prefer lemonade. With vodka.

Wade actually said to me "you can't be all negative babe, it's not you"...which I quickly snapped back "yes I can, I never act like this so give me 5 minutes to be pissed off".

 What he said next stuck with me...

"You have years to get fast, lots of races ahead of you and you will be injury-free in no time, stop freaking it, it's OK".

I'm usually the pep-talker in our relationship. This was odd. He reminded me of the time he was in so much pain he had to turn around mid-run. He healed and got over it. And I must remember, I'm not an "athlete", this isn't my job, I don't NEED to run. It's just hard knowing you have races on the horizon that you are excited for...and need to be running for.

I had my 5 minutes and got over it. Sack up.


  1. Hey lady, I just found your blog and I wanted to let you know that we have a group of Arizona bloggers and we're actually planning a meet up on March 10th. If you're interested and would like to be added to the list, email me @ :)

  2. Again, I totally identify. I have an x-ray scheduled for next week. I've been moping around so much that I think I might have to find that "no whining" sign you posted and tack it to my forehead. Sack up, indeed.


  3. Oh really sucks to have any sort of injury..I've been there before but, I got stronger with the time off because I was smart and knew that I needed to make adjustments. Hope you get better!

    P.s. I tagged you in my post! go take a look. you don't have to do it but, it would be fun :)

    Have a great day!