Friday, March 23, 2012

A Light and Some Pasta

That was me walking my puppies last night...I absolutely LOVE living where we do. Our neighborhood is flanked by desert and one of my favorite things to do is walk along the edges, with my pups in tow. It makes me feel VERY lucky. But the real light was revealed today.

Back up to last night for a minute. I decided to rearrange my running schedule so that I could go out tonight and not run Saturday morning before a bridal shower I'm attending and to actually enjoy my whole Sunday off with nothing to do (except a short 5 miler). So I threw together a tasty pasta dinner, made with random crap I had in my kitchen. Kitchen sausage, wheat pasta, broccoli, a few shrimp, feta...and the kicker, red curry sauce. It was delish.

I set out this morning all alone, with some GU chomps, a drink and my iPod. I decided to run a simple loop around my house and smaller section of my neighborhood that is a total of 3.6 miles instead of my usual winding paths throughout the larger section of my neighborhood. I feared I would get bored. I did not. I actually appreciated the route...and of having one area that I kept my drink at to focus on as a next "goal" with each lap.


So the light? It's that one at the end of the tunnel. 

I ran 13.1 today. I walked several times and I ran a slower pace than what I usually prefer to do with the guidance of my BFF Hal Higdon. He suggests running 30 to 90 sections slower than my estimated race pace. I didn't run THAT slow being that it is a shorter long run in the marathon training...

No pain. My body felt good. My lungs are still congested from my cold so I got winded faster than usual, but I was happy with my end result.

Well I better go get fancy for my big night out on the town! 

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  1. I love Hal Higdon's training! HIs mindset of running slower than your race pace worked wonderfully for me! I rarely run my race pace-except for some tempo and other speed workouts.

    Hope you had a fun night!