Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weekend of BFF's

***I know it's Wednesday, but I forgot to post this Monday, whoooops***

I got my share of my bestest buddies this weekend...and I loved EVERY second of it.

Friday night, I got fancied up and hit the town with my handsome husband. We went for dinner at AZ88, a favorite of mine and enjoyed martinis and delicious food. My intention was just dinner and a drink or two, but Matt and Gio apparently had other plans for us and because they were visiting from San Fran for the weekend, they won.

As Gio said "we are goin out like we are 21 again".

Oh dear. We sure did.

We went to 3 CLUBS in Old Town Scottsdale. We strutted the streets in our high heels, got hit on by lots of boys (while our men laughed at us from afar), drank a few drinks, passed through a few VIP lines and had a lot of fun. Going out at 29 and married is a lot different than 21, broke and single. My husband had too many drinks and I paid him back by dousing his 3:00 am grilled cheese with Tabasco sauce.

I'm evil, mwahahaha.

I woke up Saturday (after 5 hours of sleep, yikes) and did a little work, enjoyed the morning and eventually got dressed to celebrate the wedding of my BFF's little bro and his future wife at a nice little Bridal Shower. The spread was amazing, the margaritas were tasty and most of all, I enjoyed spending some QT with Sara who was up from Tucson, we don't get that very often and it was really nice (and selfish of me) to get her to myself for a while.

Saturday night was another attempt at homemade pizza...we are getting better at this task, and then just lounging on the couch.

And Sunday was the usual day of laundry, errands, a short run and visiting my Goddaughter Natalie and my other BFF and her husband. Natalie will be 1 in May, and I cannot believe how fast time flies, how big she is and how smart she is getting...not that I'm partial or anything. I just LOVE her!

It was a SUPER weekend...I wish I could see them all every weekend.

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