Thursday, March 29, 2012

Snake Season

Monday's on my training calendar are marked with Weights or Xtraining.

This past Monday I wasn't in the mood to ride my bike on the trainer or lift weights....I was craving the outdoors and some time with my best buddy...and because I had been stuck staring at my computer all day with work, I needed to take it outside.

I am trying to live by the mantra of "just get out and do something" not restrict myself, to do something active that is fun and feels good. Why? Because exercising should be fun, creative and enjoyable so if I want to hike, I will hike.

I didn't get a killer workout or anything because it's a short 3.25 hike and I have to stop frequently to give water to this little turd...

It was quiet, hot and peaceful....and I felt a little nervous because it's now snake season and I ran into a rather large rattlesnake last year, so I was on the lookout the whole time. I'm thinking about getting Sadie snake proofed....has anyone done this with their doggies before?

Happy girl.

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