Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Smunday

Happy Monday! (just kidding)

The rest of my weekend was quite lovely. I ran 5 miles (hurt a bit at 4.5), enjoyed our little cabin and the cold weather, drove back home in time for a perfect Happy Hour with the hubs and homemade grilled pizza. It was the perfect ending to our weekend. My husband is totally right, I have a bigass head.

I am a horrible blogger and didn't take pics of the pizza, but it was beeeeutiful.

Foodwise I did pretty good for the weekend. That's usually when I lose my shit and eat anything I want, and/or in site (OK not always) so I was proud of myself for maintaining some self control.

After talking to some running friends, I decided to take this week off running as well and give myself more time to heal. I will be cross training on my bike trainer and bodyrocking so I don't go nuts. I ordered my old Brooks shoe last night, which a few people said is probably my main issue. I REALLY hope that's true. I'm sorry I keep talking  about this issue so much as I would MUCH rather be bragging about my amazing 15 mile run I was supposed to have this weekend, but hey, life is just that way sometimes. I'm still on the fence about the 15k race I have scheduled for Sunday...thoughts?

In more exciting news, I finally broke down and bought my first item from Lululemon last week, I just couldn't help it. I went for these shorts and am in LOVE...the prices are ridiculous, but for a pair of shorts I'll wear often I only feel a tiny bit bad.

Speaking of shopping, I am challenging myself this month and will NOT be buying anything for the whole new running shoes last night don't count, obviously.  No shoes, no t-shirts, no running clothes or earrings. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. My closet is full and I even have things that still have tags, it's ridiculous. My good friend did this challenge last month and was successful, so I'm going to copy her and go for it.

Wish me luck.

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  1. I bought those same shorts this weekend too! Just waiting for the perfect day to wear them.

    Good luck with your rest week. It will be worth it!