Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Week Off

Last Saturday, I told myself I would take a week off running to give my IT band some must needed R&R...and I have. No running all week. It's been quite bizarre actually.

Unfortunately I'm much too hyper and spastic to not do anything so I have kept myself entertained by doing other stuff...and by telling myself it's OK to take a few days off.

Here's my sad sad little week so far:

Sunday - 3.5 mile beach cruise with the hubs, 2 mile dog walk (does that count?)
Monday - Nothing
Tuesday - Nothing
Wednesday - 35 min bike intervals + bodyrock
Thursday - bodyrock
Friday - so sore I can't walk

I'm hoping to run today. I had 15 delicious miles on my training plan for this weekend, but that would obviously be stupid, so I'm going to do a shorter run and see how I feel. As the OC Marathon gets closer, I get more worried that I am going to suck and die at mile 18. Hopefully I heal up and can get movin soon. Like tomorrow.

Perks of working out at home:
  • Not matching my clothes
  • Not wearing a shirt
  • Looking hideous and ridiculous and not caring
  • Watching Glee and singing out loud while on trainer

THIS needs to stop...

You will not be replaced Jar.

 I've put myself on a diet...OK, not a diet but have given myself a few rules.
  • No weekday drinking (unless I have a work event, then 1 or 2 is OK)
  • Cut back on sweets
I have gotten into a habit where I have a beer or glass of wine a few times a week. It's not necessary (well at times it definitely is) and just adds calories I don't really need. And the sweets. I never used to eat sweets like I do now. Again, it's ridiculous, not needed and not helping my waistline. Cut it back. All in moderation, right? I'm hoping to lose a few lbs this month.

That's it for now...wish me luck on my run!

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