Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dressing The Part

I don't mind mismatching while running around my neighborhood. I have been known to wear the same sports bra twice in a row if I don't get "too sweaty". I blow the occasional snot-rocket in cold weather and might have used my sleeve a time or two during said snot rocketing. And 99% of my running attire is bought at Marshalls/TJMaxx/Etc or on serious sale at the local sports store. Pure Class.

I mean, I just sweat in it after all.

Enter....The Raceday Outfit. 

Yup. I plan it out. I color coordinate. I go for comfort AND style while in public running situations. Why? Cause I'm a girl. And when I feel cute, I feel good. Don't act like you don't do it either. (Psh)

I have a few rules:

1.  Never, ever, wear the race shirt for the race you are running in that day. Nuff said.

2.  Just like food/drink/routine, don't practice or test on race day.

3.  Embrace your inner girly girl. Wear pink. Or sparkles. A tutu. Or whatever makes you happy.

4.  The Paparazzi is out at races, just remember that. Smile!

5.  Look at yourself at all angles in a mirror. I don't want to torture the women behind me while wearing shorts that might accentuate my cottage cheese/big butt/whiteness, etc. 

6. Always dress as if it's 20 degrees warmer than the weather is expected to be. Being hot sucks, trust me...honey those black cotton capri pants for a half marathon in March are not good. I live in AZ after all.

7. Plan ahead. Wear it once if it's new. Wash it and lay it out the night before.

So yes, just 1 week until I am debuting a new outfit. I was feelin extra sassy last week so I took my happy ass down to the local Lululemon store and treated myself to pair #2 of my new favorite shorts (tracker short II):

And a new shirt....

Love. Ran in them both last Friday. Promptly took shirt off after mile 3. Set on side of road with my water bottle stash. Collected shirt after 10 sweaty-ass miles. It'll work.

Look cute. Feel good. For me won't make me faster, but at least my ass will look good.


  1. Cute! My lulu outfit race day was certainly a treat! But- I have broken your rule #1- uh oh...let me promptly take down those race pics!

  2. I still haven't bought a lulu item. It's almost become a badge of honor. Almost.

    Oiselle's stuff is pretty nice, too. I splurged (for me) on the Distance Short and they are awesome. And like $20 less than lulu.