Saturday, April 28, 2012

Feel Good Decisions

Insomnia much? It's 1:13 am...and here I sit.

But, it's been a while my what have I been doing the past week?

A lot. (not sleeping apparently)

A wedding, mid-week dinner/baseball date, planning for an amazing event that is happening tomorrow, working, running, sweating, dog-walking, decision making, picnic attending, meetings....oh so many meetings...and naturally with all that, drinking. Basically being an adult. An awesome adult. 
I made a big decision in my professional life this week. It stressed me out. It made me worry, lose sleep, plan and scheme and make lists...and at the end of this week, I'm confident, happy and excited about my decision. And that my friends, feels good. 

I am really looking forward to a vacation that is quickly approaching. Until then, I have another VERY busy week and weekend ahead of me.

Busy is good. Busy is happiness. Busy is success. Busy is being loved and loving back.

A few pics...

BFF and her teeny lil baby bump, so cute.
Getting my makeup on.
I like to take these and prove to Wade I really do workout/sweat.

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