Monday, June 4, 2012

AFC Part Duex

Ah yes. I did it.

I booked a beach house. I registered. Party of 3, here we come.

The 3 stooges are at it again...and I'm super excited!

Reason #1: Amazingly gorgeous course
Reason #2: It's in SD, duh
Reason #3: "Recovery" beach cruiser rides
Reason #4: PR (hopefully...maybe...yes I can)

AFC 2011

New training plan has I can barely walk from the 3,567,393 lunges and squats I did yesterday. So tomorrow will be my first "official" training plan run!


  1. I'm debating doing AFC... but then again I have been eyeing some 50k trail races through redwoods up on norcal that might trump AFC.

  2. oh man a beach house..what a bummer. i love renting houses..way cheaper then a hotel!!! have a great time!!!


  3. How fun! I want to got San Diegoooooo!

  4. Only 3,567,393 reps? Total badassery. heehee