Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I know I know....EVERYONE is posting about National Running Day today, hell, I even acknowledged it on Facebook so I guess I ought to give it it's own post, right?

Wade and I woke up bright and early and were out running by about 5:45....there was actually a chill in the air when we walked outside. Rare but I'll take it as it typically feels like Satan's House about this time of year.

I ran 7 glorious miles in the form of a tempo run. The first 2 sucked ass, and then I settled into a nice pace of about 8:25/mile to finish it off. My legs are still sore as shit from my gym workout on SUNDAY. (I'


We hopped into the pool, drank coffee and made breakfast....all before 8:00. Sweet.

I am meeting with a personal trainer today (hold me). Normally, I wouldn't pay for a trainer, but I got a few free sessions when I joined back at my gym, so what the hell, right?

Is everyone running today?!

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