Sunday, June 10, 2012

5K #2 & My Weekend

Weekend Highlights...oh yes, I live a VERY exciting life. 

We kicked off the weekend with a nice early run on Saturday morning, and waking up at 5:00am on a Saturday is my idea of relaxing. Ugh. 9 miles followed by a stop at our favorite coffee shop. We ran into some friends there and hung out for a while, made some fun plans, and then walked home. I cooked up a delish and healthy breakfast, did a little yard work, laid out by the pool for a bit. And then this happened:

Oh Oregano' favorite guilty pleasure.

Th rest of the day was spent taking a nap, hanging out at home, furniture assembling, ceiling fan installing and being lazy. We also boiled some crap legs for dinner...good week at work calls for crab legs. Amazing.

I also did my weekly grocery trip....half my cart is always all produce. How 2 people can eat so much fruit and veggies is beyond me.

Another early morning today, with a 4:45am wake up call. Why I torture myself with this shit is beyond me. My club had a race so I woke up extra early to help with shirts and registration.

Plans for the 5k?

Wade's Plans: Balls to the Wall
Lindsay's Plans: Meh. It was hot. And dusty. And hilly.

My buddy Ryan and I decided to run together and and at the gun start I looked at him and said "let's go". I cannot stress how nice it is to run with someone in a race. I was hot, sweaty, eating dirt and cursing myself the whole time...but ya know what? I had FUN. And with Ryan biting at my heels, it kept me going. I got to yell at him to get his ass moving when he tried to walk and all of that resulted in a PR for both of us.

After we crossed the finish he gave me a high five and a big smile....and his teeth were covered in dirt.

Wade's PR: 20:06 (6:28/pace)

Lindsay's PR: 24:06 (7:47/pace)

We finished off the morning with a mimosa brunch with friends....and then I hit Nordstroms's Rack later on in the day....mwhahahaha. More on that in another post.

On running/working out this past week:

Miles: 29.1
Days: 5

This was the first week I think I have EVER run 5x/week and I actually was good with it and hit all my runs as I hoped for. Our training plan for the AFC Half has us running 5x/week and then bumping up 6x/week. Little scared about that. I worked out with a trainer on Wednesday and have some fun gyms plans for next week so I'm really liking my workout groove right now.

Have a great Sunday Night!

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