Thursday, June 14, 2012


As I might have mentioned, I made the decision to re-join my gym.

I know, I'm a sucker.

I gave it a few months off...the weather was beautiful here in Arizona and I justified it by running outdoors, hiking, riding my trainer and doing simple weights in the comfort of my own home.

Today it's hovering around 105 degrees.

So yes...I re-joined. And I promised myself to do only one thing to justify this additional fee each month.

Do what you feel like doing and have fun.

Don't make workout plans. Don't try to commit to XX many days a week at the gym. Don't complicate shit by working out different body parts on different days, blah blah blah. Just go and do whatever the hell I feel like doing.

So ya know what? I tried 2 new classes this week.

I yoga'd and spin'd. (I know these aren't actual words, go with it)

I have been DYING to try spin....I figured I would be halfway decent at it and not look like a total jackass due to the fact that I have some cycling knowledge/experience.

I showed up an hour early, by accident, because I'm special like I ran 3 miles, did some abs and got a little instruction from the teacher before starting.

I was even lucky enough to be joined by two of my girlfriends. One of either side of me. This was Jen's first time too, so we felt like dorks together.

It was awesome.  It was fun. The lights were off and I felt like I was back at Skate King circa 1992 with some sweet disco type lights flashing around the room.

I also had a thorough ass whooping. My tank, shorts, hair and sports bra were drenched  in sweat. I looked like a vision of beauty upon leaving lemme tell you. I spared you the photo. 60 minutes flew by and I was surprised to be done so soon.

I'm ready to try it again next week. And maybe another new-to-me class!


  1. I think a fun-commitment to working out at the gym is great idea! a As much as I dislike the gym, I'm joining one too. It's just way too hot to be outside!

    I'm really curious about spin classes. I've yet to try one but I've hear that people love it. Can you use the same clip shoes that you use for a regular bike?

    1. Yes! I am going to bring my cycling shoes next time...I just wore my running shoes because I forgot!

  2. I looooooove spin. Second only to running.

  3. Best workout philosophy ever! Too much planning can cause you to lose your mind. Just go with the flow and do what you want!