Sunday, June 17, 2012

Up North

My weekend was jam packed and fun! We headed up to the cabin for the weekend and this was one of my favorites trips so far...I packed lots of action AND relaxation into a short amount of time....


1. Ice Cream on Friday & Saturday. 'Nuf said.
2. 14 miles in the Pines. (5 mile run Fri + 9 mile run Sat) followed by coffee and smoothies.

3. Meals. Stuffed Chicken, Salmon Salad, Steak. Yum.
4. Friday Afternoon Nap.
5. Brother Time (and his cutie pie girlfriend, Jenna).

6. A fancy new washer/dryer at the cabin.(Seriously, super excited)

Wade woke up with a MASSIVE hangover (can't hang, cough cough) so I deemed him worthless for the day....however, I enjoyed a big breakfast with my bro, an awesome drive home (2.5 hours driving Miss Daisy) and then a nice family dinner to celebrate Father's Day. I brought the Manchild home a "refreshing salad"...per his request.

Now, I'm relaxing on the couch preparing for a busy week.

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