Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm Famous

Oh Hi.

Just a nice little Friday over here....I was very busy this morning "staring" in my first TV commercial. OK, I didn't star in it or anything, just had a teeny tiny part in my husband's FIRST commercial ever for his business. And of course, I felt dorky and awkward as soon as the camera hit typical. But, I am very excited  for him and pretty proud too.

After the excitement died down, I ran some errands, did some work, ate a sandwich and now I'm blogging. I still have to bust out 6 miles at the gym. Yay me! (ugh)

I have a fun weekend ahead of me, so I am really excited! First up, dinner tonight with these gals:

I made my slave assemble my shiny new patio furniture last night and I must admit, it looks super sweet. Now if I could find some friends that would actually come over to sit it in I will be in business.

Part 1 of my home makeover session:

Off to get my run on. My party on. And then my sleep on.

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