Friday, July 13, 2012

A Place for Pride

My husband is oh so handy. Look what he did for me (and him too). I made sure to tell him that I have more bling than he does. He loves me.

(Please ignore the messy closet)

I might not have any 1st place medals (actually I have one from a very very teeny tiny small race), but I am proud of

Where do you keep your medals?


  1. Ooo I need to get me one of those. Right now mine are in the closet hanging behind clothes.

    PS. I also have more bling than my husband!

  2. I have mine on one of those medal hangers you see at the expos. Funny though, it is in my closet and my friends give me a hard time about it, saying that I'm "hiding them". My response....I spend more time in my closet than anywhere else in my apartment, so of course I'm going to put them there :)

  3. Ours are hanging in our gym at home. Seeing them reflected in the mirrored wall when running on the treadmill makes Rick want more! I just think the ribbons are pretty :) messy closet? All I see are meticulously placed shopping bags. Subtle product placement, ha!

    1. We actually use the bags as little trash cans, quite handy!