Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hills = Make You or Break You

Hello from the Mountains!

Yesterday was spent soaking up the weather....I actually wore sweats and long sleeves!

 I had 11 miles on my schedule for this weekend's long run and naturally I hydrated with 3 beers yesterday and a tasty chicken burger.

A vision of running and health right there.

When I run up North I typically run the same route each time, out of comfort and because the roads are very confusing and winding up here.  Knowing me I would get lost. But running down the Highway is boring, so I decided to take a different road for part of my usual run. I knew what I was getting into this morning and I was actually excited.

Hills will make you or break you. 

Today, they made me. I walked a few, but that's OK. I felt good, strong and confident. And it was fun...I actually said "WEEEEEEEEEEE" while running down a really big one. (ya know, because I ran UP it on the way out)

I think my right arm is sore from all the waving I did to the passing cars. I got a lot of honks, waves and thumb ups. People are super nice here. Or they just think I'm weird - not a lot of runners up here. 

Change of scenery. Solid idea.

I came back and took myself through a decent all-over weight circuit and know we are off to Oktoberfest, that should be interesting!

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