Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Cheer..Fueled By Booze

I'm already exhausted...and it's only December 17th! The last week has been very festive, full of friends and co-workers and of course, booze and food. We are both still battling these colds...and yesterday battling hangovers, I swear at 29, you would think I have learned my lesson at this point. Nope.

We had one Happy Hour, one Company Party (with a giant buffet style spread and bartender), drinks at a local Cowboy Bar, A Holiday Light Run (6 miles of amazing Christmas lights) followed by pizza and fellow runners, a delicious lunch with my dearest girlfriend and lots of laughs hugs and reasons to be grateful.

Today, to show my gratitude and appreciation for all we have, I will be stopping by the local mall to pick up a name or two off the Christmas Angel's program.


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