Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Date Night + 12 days

Wade and I enjoyed a lovely dinner date out this past weekend. We stayed in Friday and dined on homemade turkey pasta dinner to carb up for our early Saturday morning run. 4:15 am came early - always has me wondering "why" I do this to myself. Oh ya, because it feels good.

With 12 miles completed on Saturday this finished my week off at 39 miles. My highest week ever I think? Feels good. No pains. I even managed 3 1/2 strength sessions (1/2 = mini sesh because I was still sore) My run on Saturday was really really slow, which of course has me worried for AFC in 12 days. I feel prepared, but not. Running in 90+ degree weather is bound to slow you down, so I'm trying not to be bummed about it and just be happy I get to run in this awesome race!

We had a Groupon to use for dinner, so we did.

Drinks at AZ88, a favorite spot of ours.

Dinner: Spanish food + Sangria + Flamenco Dancers = Fantastic Date Night.  

And then I got sick. I don't know what the heck has been wrong with me since Saturday night, but it hasn't been pretty, I have hardly moved off my couch. So bored. So useless.

I'm more irritated that it's interrupting my running/workout schedule and that I can't eat. Silver lining? I've lost a few lbs. ;) Hopefully by tonight I'm back to myself.

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